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3D sign maker melbourne: Material selection for display boards

1、 PVC material display board

PVC material is a common choice in the production of display boards, as it is widely used due to its moderate price and excellent quality. PVC material is sturdy and durable, waterproof, and not easily deformed. In addition, PVC display boards also have plasticity and can be processed according to needs, suitable for various display scenarios.

2、 Acrylic material display board

The acrylic material display board has a noble and elegant appearance, good transparency, and high transparency. Acrylic material display boards have high hardness, good wear resistance, high surface smoothness, and are easy to clean. But compared to PVC material, the price of acrylic material display boards is slightly higher.

3、 Metal material display board

The high-quality and atmospheric texture of metal material display boards is commonly used for enterprise displays and high-end commercial venues. Metal display boards have good corrosion resistance, are not easily deformed, and can be used for a long time. But compared to PVC and acrylic materials, metal display boards are more expensive and need to be selected according to different needs.

4、 Cardboard material display board

Cardboard display boards are usually used to display lightweight products and images, with relatively low prices and easy printing and mounting. Cardboard display boards are not only lightweight in material, but also easy to build and transport, and not easily damaged.3D sign maker melbourne

5、 Wooden material display board

Wooden display boards have good visual effects and texture, and are deeply loved by people. Wooden display boards can be designed in color and shape according to different needs, making the display more distinctive. But compared to other materials, wooden display boards are thicker and more expensive.

In general, the material selection of display boards should be based on different needs and scenes. Reasonable selection of materials can make the display more textured and more conducive to achieving promotional effects.3D sign maker melbourne

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