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Basic configuration of neon light production factory

Neon light production equipment configuration:

1、 Conventional small and medium-sized factories have an area of around 200-400 square meters:

1. The metal frame welding workshop covers an area of approximately 150 square meters.

2. In addition, the bending workshop (lamp bending, vacuum extraction and exhaust)

2、 Functional configuration of a 58 square meter bending workshop:

1. Two curved pipe tabletops are connected, each with a length of 2.44 meters and a width of 1.22 meters; Function: Place various colored lamp tubes for processing on the left, and bend the lamp tubes and connect electrodes according to the enlarged drawings in the middle and right.

2. One electric vacuum exhaust platform: 2.44 meters long x 1.22 meters wide;

A: Bended pipe workshop countertop frame (purchased by the user using gas, and processed by the user).

B: Tools used for bending pipes:

Foot switch: 2 sets;

Small compressor: 55W/unit x 2 units;

2 small compressed air storage tanks;

Five finger fire head: 2;

Fork guns: 4 (2 for connecting electrodes and 2 for ignition);

Gas hose: 30 meters;

Rubber hose: 20 meters;

Copper trident: 6 pieces;

Copper through: 6;

Copper switches: 4;

2 gas pressure reducing valves;

3、 A set of equipment for the electric vacuum exhaust station is as follows:

7.5KW large impact transformer: 1 unit (220V/or 380V);

2 liter vacuum pump: 1 unit (220V/or 380V);

Glass pistons: 4 pieces;

1 mercury ruler;

Fork gun: 1 (for exhaust);

Electric vacuum spark gun: 1 piece (fixed desktop with transformer);

Electric vacuum spark gun (leak detection instrument): 1 portable;

Mercury: 1 bottle;

Neon gas: 2 bottles;

Argon gas: 2 bottles;

Soft and hard joints (95 materials): 2 pieces;

Vacuum pump (95 major materials): 1 unit;

Mica sheet: 1kg;

Specially made black high-voltage wire (thick): 100 meters;

Crocodile clip connection: 10 pairs;

Flat file (small): 4 pieces;

Surgical forceps: 2 pieces;

4、 The three-layer frame of the old refining lamp tube (wooden or iron frame diagram) is processed by the user of the wooden or iron frame themselves (generally, neon lamp tubes need to be continuously aged on this old refining frame for more than four hours after vacuum exhaust before they can be installed at the factory). SIGN MAKER MELBOURNE

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