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Experience in producing three-dimensional characters for baking paint advertisements

When producing 3D advertising spray paint, it is important to control the "temperature". If sprayed too little, it will rust if missed, and if sprayed too much, it will cause water waves that are difficult to handle. After spraying paint, try to minimize dust and avoid standing upright to prevent ripples. Let the air circulate and air dry. When making advertising letters, they must be 2-5mm wider than the font to avoid thinning of the strokes. When welding the edges of three-dimensional characters, the welded joints should be placed on the corners or upper edges, and cannot be seen when looking up. When welding the vertical wall, the wall strips should be welded bit by bit, and do not weld the shape first to avoid overlapping. wide format printing melbourne

Another point is to first spot weld, weld small characters half an inch and a half an inch, weld large characters one inch and a half an inch, and then finely weld through. When welding the edges of the vertical copper characters, be sure to be slightly inward. When repairing, gently level and file them. When polishing, apply adhesive to the cloth wheel and sprinkle 400 grit diamond sand first. After polishing all the characters, sprinkle 500 grit diamond sand again. Then, use the cloth wheel to fine polish and polish with polishing soap. Wearing gloves usually takes 10 minutes to polish and shine.

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