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LED luminous character billboard production

LED billboard production method

LED billboards fully utilize the energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of LED light-emitting diodes to create colorful signs. Billboards are also known as LED electronic light boxes, LED luminous characters, LED waterproof signs, LED luminous characters, LED outer luminous characters, LED iron luminous characters, LED zinc iron luminous characters, LED stainless steel luminous characters, LED titanium luminous characters, LED aluminum plate luminous characters, LED exposed luminous characters, LED seven color luminous characters, and LED light box characters.

According to the requirements of our friends, Shenzhen Jianweichuang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. will share our years of experience in LED sign production with you. If you have any questions or have better methods, please contact us.

The production of an LED billboard requires tools such as a 30W or 40W soldering iron, solder, drill, glue gun, screwdriver, etc.

The production of LED billboards requires materials such as molded iron letters (preferably purchased locally), reduced transportation costs, glass glue, resistors (which our factory can provide), wires (which we can provide), and LED sign specific power supplies (which our factory can provide).

Steps for making three LED billboards:

1. Drilling: Fix the purchased formed iron sheet in a suitable position and drill with an electric drill: 5mm or 8mm. The spacing depends on the installation height and production cost of the external signboard system. Generally, the LED center spacing is 10-30mm. The smaller the spacing, the better the effect and the higher the cost.

2. Insert lights: Clean the drilled holes and place the lights one by one.

3. Connection: First connect in series and then parallel to the power supply. This step is relatively difficult, so don't worry. Guangzhou Shengtang Logo Manufacturing Technology Factory has already made and connected LED light strings, each string has a reserved wire head. Generally, the red wire head is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the black wire head is connected to the negative pole of the LED special power supply. SIGN WRITER MELBOURNE

4. Test aging: After connecting all LEDs, check and handle those that do not light up, and then conduct an aging test for 24 hours.

5. Sealing: Fix the LED onto the iron sheet.

6. Retest and install.

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