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Maintenance and production costs of LED luminous characters

The operating costs include maintenance costs and usage costs. The advantage of LED luminous characters lies in their maintenance, as they are basically not damaged. If damaged, replacement is also very convenient; In use, it consumes less energy and can save a lot of electricity. It has two characteristics, and its cost is much lower than traditional neon lights.

1. Maintenance cost analysis of LED luminous characters

All LED luminous characters produced by Shengtang signs are provided with a one-year free warranty service. If there are any problems within one year, free on-site service will be provided. The LED light sources used by Shengtang's signature brand are all high-quality light sources, excluding human factors. Generally, there will be no problems within 5 years, so the maintenance cost is very low.

2. Cost Analysis of LED Luminescent Characters SIGN WRITER MELBOURNE

LED luminous characters are turned on at night, calculated based on 8 hours of use per day, roughly calculated as 360 days per year. In order to make the contrast more vivid, we calculate based on 100 square meters of electricity consumption, and the electricity bill is calculated at 1 yuan/kWh of industrial electricity consumption:

The cost of using LED luminous characters:

The power consumption per square meter is about 30 watts, and the daily electricity consumption for 100 square meters is:

30W/m2 x 100m2 x 8h ÷ 1000w/h=24 degrees/day

The total annual electricity cost calculated at 1 yuan per kilowatt hour is approximately:

24 degrees/day x 360 days x 1 yuan=8640 yuan/year

Shengtang's years of experience in producing LED luminous characters have shown us that LED luminous characters are a very economical and efficient advertising method. We also recommend customers to use LED light sources, which can save costs for customers and achieve good advertising effects. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

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