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SIGN WRITER MELBOURNE: How to charge for outdoor advertising

1、 Fee calculation method for large-scale outdoor advertising

1. Charge based on area

The area of large outdoor billboards is the main factor determining their fees. In general, the larger the area of a billboard, the higher the fee. The method of charging based on area is relatively common, but for certain special locations of billboards, such as golden roads and important commercial districts, their prices may be influenced by other factors.

2. Charging based on release time

The release time of outdoor billboards is also an important factor affecting fees. In general, the longer the release time, the higher the fee. At the same time, some billboards may adjust their prices based on different release times, such as seasons, holidays, etc.

3. Charge based on click through rate

With the continuous development of digital technology, some outdoor billboards will adopt a fee based on click through rate. The fee is charged based on the number of clicks on the billboard. This charging method is suitable for digital billboards, and its advantage is that it can accurately reflect the advertising effect.

2、 Factors affecting the pricing of large-scale outdoor advertising

1. Geographical location

The geographical location of outdoor billboards has a significant impact on their pricing. Billboards with advantageous geographical locations such as prime road sections and important commercial districts are relatively expensive. This is because in these areas, people's attention is more focused and advertising effectiveness is better.

2. Billboard area and shape

The area and shape of billboards are also factors that affect fees. In general, billboards with larger areas and more regular shapes have higher production costs and relatively higher fees.

3. Release time and frequency

The publication time and frequency can also have an impact on the fees for outdoor billboards. For example, during important holidays or seasonal peak periods, the rental cost of billboards usually increases accordingly. Meanwhile, if customers need to publish advertisements for a long time, they may enjoy certain discount benefits.SIGN WRITER MELBOURNE

4. Competitive environment

The competitive environment in the local market is also an important factor in determining the fees for outdoor billboards. If there are many competitors and fierce market competition, fees may be correspondingly reduced to attract customers.

3、 Suggested pricing strategies for large-scale outdoor advertising

1. Develop an advertising plan based on the company's budget

When formulating outdoor advertising plans, enterprises should choose suitable billboards and release times based on their own economic strength and budget situation. At the same time, attention should be paid to the cost-effectiveness of different billboards to avoid blindly pursuing luxury and ignoring actual effects.

2. Choose a suitable publishing location based on the target audience

When choosing the location for outdoor billboard placement, enterprises should fully consider the characteristics of the target audience and choose a billboard placement location that can cover more target audiences. At the same time, attention should be paid to the traffic conditions and pedestrian flow characteristics of different locations in order to better evaluate advertising effectiveness.

3. Emphasize advertising creativity and execution power

An excellent outdoor advertisement not only requires creative design, but also emphasizes the expression of execution. Enterprises should pay attention to the combination of advertising creativity and execution, so that billboards can attract more attention and clicks, improve advertising effectiveness and value.

4. Regularly evaluate advertising effectiveness and adjust advertising strategies

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