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What are the commonly used materials for billboards?

SIGN MAKER MELBOURNE: What are the commonly used materials for billboards

There are six commonly used materials for billboards

1. PC board

2. KT board

3. Chevrolet board

4. Metal materials such as aluminum plate and aluminum-plastic plate

5. Acrylic

6. PVC board

The advantages and disadvantages of different materials for billboards are as follows:

1. PC board is a high-quality board made by co extrusion technology, which not only has the characteristics of UV resistance but also maintains long-term weather resistance and never fades.

2. KT board is a new type of material that is formed by foaming PS particles to form a board core, which is then coated and pressed onto the surface.SIGN MAKER MELBOURNE

KT board is a commonly used material for billboards, characterized by pressure resistance, lightness, and resistance to deformation.

3. Xuefu board is a plastic board mainly made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has a hard texture and can be placed for a long time. The thickness varies from 2mm to 10mm, and it can be used as a thinner display board.

4. Metal materials such as aluminum plates and aluminum-plastic plates are more sturdy and durable, but their costs are relatively high.

5. Acrylic is organic glass, usually composed of two pieces of acrylic with a certain thickness, suitable for various occasions. It is not fragile, easy to process, has a beautiful appearance, high surface gloss, and is also called a crystal photo frame. But the cost is high.

6. PVC, commonly known as plastic, is a polymer formed by free radical polymerization of vinyl chloride monomers. It has good adhesion to the surface, high hardness, good rigidity, and is not prone to foaming and deformation for a long time. It has a higher cost-effectiveness when used for a long time.

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